Seeding the Earth

Growing up, I was absent a father figure more than I had one. However, in recent years I have learned to appreciate immensely the time I spent around my step father, who was always reliable about the most important things if nothing else. One day when I was eleven years old, he took me to his favourite book store, and picked me out the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”

With my young attention span, I only ever finished about a third of it, but it turns out that was all I needed. You see, I learned that in the cyclic wheel of struggle and success, nothing is more valuable and motivating than the seed of curiosity.

When a seed is planted in a parched mind, its thirst for water will bring its host to find it water to grow. As water is sought, water is found, and as water is found, water will become ever easier to find. When the sapling grows into a tree, the tree will then bear its fruit to the host with the small price of only a periodic sprinkle.

Weeds are are ideas that bear no fruit, grow fast, and spread easily. They are attractive because they create an illusion of life and lustre, but only divert precious water from the seeds.

So when you have the chance of giving a child a gift, opt for a book, not a smartphone. Give somebody an opportunity, not another distraction, for that seed will remain as technology becomes obsolete.

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