“Year of the Desktop” with Manjaro Linux

Way back in 2005 I was a enterprising young fifth-grader who had just got his own personal computer no more than a year prior. Computers had become my passion and if it had technology in it, I was enthusiastic about it.

There was another enterprising youth in the 6th grade who brought his laptop to school and proceeded to nerd-wow everybody with Compiz and the cube-style workspace switching. I inquired hard and he finally spilled the beans about this thing called “Ubuntu.” It’s not Windows or Mac? What to heck?

So I get home and excitedly burn a disk of Ubuntu Dapper-Drake insert it to my CD drive ready to “dual-boot.” Start it up, and… partitions? What are those? I’ll just click next through all this. It took me about 4 months to figure out how to torrent Windows XP again. I missed Windows so bad that I even tried to make it look like Windows Vista.

But there was something different about Linux. It blew my young mind knowing that Linux was not only free as in free-soda, but anybody could just up and take the entire thing and make it their own. Yes, at that point I was hooked. After successfully dual-booting the second install, I decided to reinstall annually with a goal of making it do exactly what I want, or to break it trying.

Fast forward 15 years, I’m 25 years old, slightly less enterprising with far less time on my hands. I hear about this latest-greatest fork of my favourite distro, but without all the time-consumey, bricky, command-liney-ness of the install. Suffice it to say I’m in!

Two weeks later and I’ve swapped kernels, swapped display drivers, played video games, swapped desktop environments, and edited GRUB, all on the same install without bricking it even once. Terminal was only as a last-resort as I believe it should be (fight me). I just can’t seem to break it. Moreover, xfce compliments my workflow and Appimages are awesome, if bulky.

Welcome to 2001 in terms of user-experience, Linux. Manjaro, you’re the first distro to show to the party. Thanks for finally giving me an excuse to ditch Microsoft.

Here’s to the first year I don’t switch back out of frustration. Great things are ahead.

Bonus – Here’s a screenshot from 2005ish I dug up from my Photobucket:


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